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Entertainment sector

Ticketing in the entertainment sector

Entertainment sector


Development of marketing strategies in the entertainment sector

Promote growth and sales acceleration by activating the digitalisation of processes through marketing strategies implemented towards business challenges.


Establish the digital channel as the main source of revenue and sales and increase ticket sales through Paid Media actions and organic traffic:

  • Organisation of the acquisition and sales plan
  • Devising sales-oriented media planning
  • Reaching an audience without geographical barriers
  • Creation of specialised teams


We reconfigured the ticketing-oriented media planning, as well as the management of all partners in the different markets in which we are present (USA, Europe and Asia). The objective was to maintain an open door for customer acquisition 24/7, reaching a wide audience without geographical barriers.


We design the right solution for E-Commerce or Q-Commerce with B2C, B2B or B2B2C orientation. In the business model we consider the customer, experience, channels, sales and growth hacking actions and technology to offer totally objective solutions, with an analytical base.

  • Organisation of the acquisition and sales plan.
  • Devising the media strategy.
  • Creation of a specialised team to accompany the designed strategy.



Sales growth

+ 4 M€

sold at Paid Media


Managed partners


Integrating into the client's team and integrating all the work processes in an agile way, as well as contributing our expertise and responsibility, have been the determining factors in achieving sales objectives in digital channels.

Iván Porral, Manager, RocaSalvatella

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Experience and knowledge of established processes in the entertainment sector are key to developing successful sales marketing strategies. During the process, the digital lever is fundamental, as it combines strategy, action and acceleration while allowing companies to anticipate and maintain a leading position over the competition.

Berta Salló, Consultant, RocaSalvatella

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