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Foodtech sector

Creation of a New Business Hub

Foodtech sector


Creation of a Corporate Venture Building

Development of a business unit focused on detecting trends and opportunities for market disruption, forging alliances with start-ups and launching new business models to ensure the sustainability of the Corporation.


Take competitive positions in the avenues of opportunity in the foodtech sector, which allow the transformation and diversification of the current business model, exploiting the company’s assets and new alliances.


Conceptualisation and development of an instrument with a clear desire to contribute value and impact on the income statement in the future. Construction of a strategic business unit aligned with the needs of the business in the medium term with a focus on:

  • Generating market insights – Monitoring territories of opportunity
  • Weaving relationships with innovation ecosystems and links with start-ups
  • Promoting business challenges through proofs of concept to strengthen strategic bets


Start-up of a new business hub that allows the generation of new businesses in the medium term through the exploration and development of value propositions in adjacent or disruptive areas of the current business.



Territories of Innovation


Areas of opportunity to deploy new value propositions


New business active and operating


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In the new competitive environment, with a myriad of avenues for business model innovation, a good strategy is to invest in a diversified portfolio of projects and start-up stakes, rather than betting everything on one single asset

Eduard Dalmau, Digital Strategy Director, RocaSalvatella

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