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Digital action plan



Define the Digital Action Plan (PAD), focused on improving the customer experience and direct impact on the business objectives for 2019.


Digitize the services offered by the company, with a focus on improving the customer experience and consolidating a single entity for structuring innovation.


Prioritization of initiatives according to the impact and complexity of implementation, framed in the pillars of growth: Volume, Value and Verticality.


Creation of the ADT office (Terpel Digital Acceleration), with teams dedicated to the design and piloting of 15 initiatives with a direct impact on business objectives.



Initiatives identified that point to the digital strategy


Initiatives designed


Piloted initiatives


"Working with RocaSalvatella allowed us to structure and specify business opportunities that we had been working on for some time in the Organization. It allowed us to have a much more methodical vision of the innovation process, which ensures that we contemplate and analyze all the critical variables to ensure success. from the same"

Germán Darío Fonseca Márquez, Terpel Customer Experience Director

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"Activating innovation within a digital transformation framework is a very complex challenge that is leveraged in methodology, human talent, but especially... in the willingness of the organizational team to make a cultural change. From the board of directors to the product owners and technology implementation teams. A great honor to have been part of this project."

Mauricio Santos, Specialized Consultant / Manager at RocaSalvatella

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