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360º Communication Plan

Strategic vision on and offline to create or consolidate the brand

360º Communication Plan


360º Communication Plan


To achieve a real impact and generate valuable conversation around a brand, company or institution, it is necessary to think in a strategic and global way. At RocaSalvatella we are experts in devising 360º communication plans, capable of connecting with diverse audiences and addressing different strategic communication or business objectives. 

The communication plan must be a live document, capable of adjusting to the demands and extending to respond to possible issues. Thanks to the 360º concept, we also implement services that add value to the strategic chain, such as Social Intelligence or Digital Marketing, capable of boosting results and listening to the real demands of audiences.

Our mission is to accelerate the digitalization of companies through their demands in order to achieve visible results. We activate the key levers, constantly identify new trends and digital opportunities offered by each market, leading companies towards permanent and disruptive change.  

How do we achieve the real 360º vision?

  • By strategically setting a series of short, medium and long-term objectives, capable of connecting with the different audience segments. These have to be achievable and measurable. 
  • Choosing which actions we will carry out and how they will be developed. It is essential to maintain routine monitoring and follow-up meetings during the project to assess possible changes and improvements. 
  • Analyzing the results obtained with the KPI’s initially defined to be able to pull out the final conclusions of the project. 
  • Defining and promoting an ecosystem of on and offline channels, always alive.
  • Connecting high-value services such as Social Intelligence, capable of listening to and interpreting audiences through data; or Digital Marketing as an accelerator through which to achieve the pre-set results successfully.
  • Thanks to the strategic scheduling of content, which allows you to detect opportunities and act in advance.
  • Ensuring the fit of your project to the current market situation and constantly assessing the areas of opportunity that can be generated around your company. 
  • Bringing together our transversal capabilities that drive and unite us towards the same objective. One to one communication with the client is very important in this context to apply changes and detect improvements throughout the development of the project.  
  • Our expertise with multiple organizations in more than 10 different sectors, allows us to have an objective view to apply agile solutions.


In an ecosystem of information overload, generating conversations of value and empowering brands, companies and institutions is a challenge.

Landing in this environment where brands are constantly connected. To conceive this holistic vision, online and offline actions must be coordinated in order to impact our target audience. The main challenge: connecting with the audience through all possible communication channels. 


Conceive and develop 360º plans with an online and offline approach, capable of connecting with diverse audiences and developing ‘wow’ actions. 

To do this, we must rely on strategic actions that will be key to achieving our objectives. 


Living strategic plans, that are able to adapt to the current context and respond to customer demands. With a multi-channel and transversal vision.

Our vision is results-oriented and therefore, the result of our work are agile and effective solutions with a pragmatic vision, capable of visualising a change in the operability and growth of companies.



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At RocaSalvatella we are able to mix traditional communication with the new trends offered by digitalization. This allows us to develop proposals with a holistic vision and aimed at obtaining tangible results

Berta Salló, RocaSalvatella

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The 360º strategic vision allows us to enhance results by combining off and online communication techniques, capable of connecting with heterogeneous market niches and implementing successful disruptive strategies

Elena Mondelo, RocaSalvatella

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