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Banking and financial institutions

Growth strategies based on Open Banking

Banking and financial institutions


Design and launch of new business models

Definition of the Open Banking strategy based on a business model leveraged on APIs as a tool for connecting and exchanging information. Based on this, an API competence centre was structured, capable of executing the strategy, as well as new business models to grow in both the B2B and B2C segments, adding value to the aggregate data of the entities.


  • Enhance the exploitation of the entities’ data through the design of the Open Banking strategy.
  • Design the business design and go to market strategy for new digital businesses, based on the Open Banking strategy, ensuring alignment between marketing and business operation.
  • Develop and standardise a model for the development of new digital businesses.


  • Definition and focus of an SR team to ensure the acceleration of new digital businesses.
  • Development of a methodology that enables the standardisation of service and business design processes.


  • Construction of the Open Banking strategy, in line with the banks’ main lines of action.
  • Launch of new businesses that help to increase the entities’ revenues and improve the consumer experience.
  • Design of the go to market strategy for new business models, ensuring the alignment of marketing, sales and operations.
  • Defining, building and launching model for the development of new businesses leveraged on Open Banking.
  • Construction of the governance model in charge of executing the strategy and accelerating the construction of new businesses.



New digital business models on the market

70 million

additional monthly transactions


Building the first marketplace for financial APIs in our client's country


The open banking trend is consolidating in Latin America, and brings with it great implications for traditional banks. The strategy we have implemented with RocaSalvatella has allowed us to maximize our profitability during this time of change - and into the future.

Opinion, Client

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Thanks to our methodology, we know how to detect and analyse the best practices and insights associated with each of the growth levers in order to prioritise the possible initiatives that best fit the technological moment of the platform and our client's business objectives.

Alejandro Tortosa, Consultor, RocaSalvatella

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