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Grupo Volkswagen

Grupo Volkswagen


Vookit, new mobility service

Acceleration and launch of a new D2C mobility service for VGED.


Devise a new service that makes it possible to offer an exit to a considerable volume of pre-owned vehicles from the Volkswagen Group.


  • Subscription service that allows you to enjoy a pre-owned vehicle for a period of three, six or nine months, with all services included.
  • Definition of the business model, Business Case and realization of the prototype of the solution.
  • Launch and monitoring of a pilot with clients to validate the solution.


The ideation of the service based on the needs of the users, the design of the web platform and the creation of the Vookit brand. RocaSalvatella has accompanied the team formed by members of VGED to accelerate the idea and the subsequent launch of the pilot on the market.



participants selected for the pilot.


visits to the web over two months.


impacts through the acquisition strategy.


With RocaSalvatella we have managed to apply startup methodologies to the conception and launch of local projects, which has made it easier for us to speed up the implementation process and provide the service with a greater customer focus


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With Vookit, the doors are opened to develop new business models, based on services, that transform mobility as we understand it today. The ideation and development of the pilot has allowed us to validate an innovative value proposition and understand customer opinions to build a service that responds to customer needs.

Gerard Vélez, Senior Director of Digital Transformation, RocaSalvatella

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