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Metaverse, where and when? Strategic irruption keys in the virtual universe

The evolution of communication has undergone a great metamorphosis in recent years thanks to the emergence, with increasing force, of phenomena such as social networks - already consolidated in a variable ecosystem - and the famed metaverse. This virtual universe, capable of eliminating borders and fostering interaction above anything else, represents infinite opportunities for companies and institutions that seek to be at the forefront of technology or make a place that generates notoriety and possible spaces for business. The limits are rare and the possibilities, are endless.

If a few years ago the metaverse was synonymous with entertainment, today it is a stage in which to share knowledge and create opportunities in economic terms as well. It even allows you to "test yourself" at a professional level with very interesting applications for the health area or even the B2B sector.

But, how should we act on an imminent irruption of our company or institution in the metaverse? Here are the keys to determining effective communication (and a successful landing) in this ethereal world:

1. First of all, strategy. It is necessary to analyze the starting point in which we find ourselves to determine where this first immersion in the virtual world should take place. And, above all, how it should be done to achieve an exercise that is consistent with what the company or institution is at an offline and digital level and what it will represent in this newly created world. Why do we want to be in the metaverse, and what is our goal? The answer will allow us to refine the strategy that we must follow and define the ideal scenario, which may be staggered or “of maximum”.

2. A made-to-measure suit: Nowadays, we find ourselves in a scenario with multiple players and platforms that offer experiences of one type or another, depending on the company's profile and interests. Decentraland, The Sandbox, Roblox or Horizon Worlds are some of the virtual spaces in which big brands and multinationals have already left their mark.

However, there is a trend of great value in which the metaverse is made tangible through an ad hoc web page or an APP. These tools make it possible to "democratize" the experience, as they do not depend on elements such as augmented reality glasses, and make it easier for users to access the virtual universe, at least as a first step towards immersion that, in the not so distant future, promises to link different metaverses.

3. An inside and outside experience: If the content and experience within the metaverse maintain a correlation with the real world, the level of satisfaction is magnificent. This is one of the highlights of the strategic vision to break into the metaverse.

Should be we in the virtual world to show what we are as if we were a gallery, or Can we expand experiences through added value? The wide range of possibilities provided by the metaverse makes it a perfect setting to stir emotions and be able to provide on and offline experiences with benefits that go beyond NFTs or only virtual elements. Concatenating worlds, users and even times is possible, and this feature has shot up creativity to unimaginable values.

4. Strong emotions: Why not take advantage of infinite creativity to create experiences that move, capable of appealing to the irrational side of the human being? The metaverse does not put limits on emotion, but quite the opposite: it fosters the creation of a world open to emotions and experiences. This scenario, with intelligent and strategic use of communication, will allow the development of even pedagogical skills, capable of generating value links between users, corporations or institutions and beyond.

In addition, it is a cleaner and greener universe, capable of simulating new scenario prediction models, among others, thanks to artificial intelligence. And, while the experience is sweetened (and enjoyed), the gaps are closed. And it is that the metaverse is, in addition to a creative incentive, a universe capable of globalizing education, allowing travel (even between worlds) and ensuring inclusion through avatars, who do not know the barriers of physical.

5. Think big: The metaverse is much more than avatars that interact and walk through a multicolored universe. There are multiple opportunities to go one step further at a business or institutional level and mix real and virtual experiences to enrich communication and put the user or client at the center of communicative actions. 

The metaverse can be that platform that allows covering activities that the company or institution, or even the people, do not reach.

6. …And in constant development. In the metaverse, not everything is invented; moreover, there is so much (or almost everything) that remains to be done. And this is precisely a great opportunity. The virtual universe is constantly evolving and growing and in recent years, the evidence of its power is irrefutable. Therefore, the challenge is to design the perfect strategy that allows for an intelligent response to how and when it is time to make a debut in this new communication and business scenario.

Now is the moment? The surprise arrival of the pandemic in 2020 changed the paradigm and accelerated the dizzying pace of digital realities. This, added to the current socioeconomic context, allowed the creation of a perfect ecosystem for the explosion of creativity. And precisely that is the metaverse: a huge window without cornices in which the only formula for success lies in originality. The opportunity is served.

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