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Renolit counts on RocaSalvatella for the construction and execution of the digital acceleration plan for the 4 geographical areas of its business

Renolit is an independent, family-owned company and one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality plastic films that has been setting standards of excellence and innovation for over 75 years. It is in charge of offering B2B services implementing different technologies for different industries and sectors such as: sanitary or maritime, among others.

The company relies on RocaSalvatella to design and activate the digital acceleration plan of its Business Unit Renolit Alkorplan, focused on swimming pool lining, and counts on the consultancy firm to build and execute the digital acceleration plan of its main geographical areas: Spain, France, Italy and DACH (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).

The main objective is to define and design the strategy and plan of key activities to achieve the specific growth and branding objectives for each country. As well as detailing the entire ecosystem of target audiences and defining the type of relationship to be achieved in each market, without losing focus on generating value for the business in all territories and optimising efforts to maximise the return for the company.

RocaSalvatella is committed to collaboration based on the Agile methodology, which consists of a first set-up stage where key opportunities and initiatives are identified and, once each wave has been addressed, work in sprints to deploy each initiative and be aligned with the strategic vision throughout the implementation.


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